Life of Megs

Hello and welcome to the weird and wonderful adventures of Jetsetmegs… or just Megs now that I’ve got a dug, a mortgage and since the world is in lockdown, the furthest I’m headed this year is the west coast of Scotland – if wee nippy allows.

This blog was originally started to document my travels post-university… and to have somewhere I could post the good bits, the not so good bits and any other bumps in the road I happened to come across along the way. But really it was just to let my wee granny know I was still alive and kicking ! Those blogs are still here, saved in cyberspace so feel free to refresh yourself of my journey and follow along and share, comment or even send me a message if you appreciate my ramblings.

P.s don’t judge my writing, this isn’t going to get published or nominated for any awards its just for a bit of fun so gimme peace x