Hello and welcome to the weird and wonderful adventures of jetsetmegs. As you probably guessed by the site name, my name is Megan, I’m 22 and as of January 2018 I have been making my way round the world with my little (ha, good one) green backpack on my back.

I have a rough route planned out with the majority of my flights into the countries already booked. I have an entry and exit point and a rough time scale of how long I want to be in each place, but as far as it goes I am pretty much wingin’ it and just seeing where it all takes me.

I’m not necessarily on a gap year, I’ve just graduated from University & looking for some new adventures. I’m also not just keeping this blog to brag about the jazzy new places I’m going to see over the next 12 months (lol, yeah right) but really just to have somewhere I can post the good bits, the not so good bits and any other bumps in the road I happen to come across – and really just to let my wee granny know I’m still alive.

Feel free to follow my journey and share, comment or even send me a message if you wanna come join in somewhere you think sounds like fun 🙂

P.s dont judge my writing, this isn’t going to get published or nominated for any awards its just for a bit of fun so gimme peace xox