Life of Megs

Life of Megs: 2020 Edition

So my annual subscription for this page just automatically renewed…& if I’m paying for this platform, I might as well use it, what ya reckon? Start writing again or just see myself out quietly? I mean, smoke bomb exits are pretty much my speciality so it would be easier to just let it slide but I feel it’s all a little unfinished. I miss this outlet and having a space to put my stories, either travel, life or otherwise unrelated…

Oh alright then, I’ve convinced myself, shall we begin?

I’m not going to ‘pick up where I left off’ this time. Don’t get me wrong, I am most likely going to go back and complete the rest of my travel stories (or I’ll never hear the end of it from my gran…hi gran!) but I think this new subsection will just be my stories, the terrific, tumultuous (and downright traumatic) tales in the Life of Megs. I think we just found our new menu heading?

SO. What have I been up to? I hear no one ask. Life has been pretty chaotic. Global pandemic and lethal viruses aside, this year has brought around a lot of changes to my life. Going from living out a backpack taking life a day at a time, to moving back to my favourite city, settling myself into a life of council tax and mortgage payments and trying to keep both me and my little Archie alive, it’s been a hell of a year.

2020 was always going to be better than 2019, it had to be. 2019 saw me move to London, regrettably. Scratch that, I don’t have regrets about going down there, only the amount of time I made myself stay to convince myself I’d really given it a good shot. A mere 3 weeks into it, I knew it wasn’t for me but I stayed anyway. I was in a pretty big, megs sized rut and didn’t know what was next for me. After travelling, I found myself in a bit of a spin, everyone went back to work after the Christmas period and there I was fleeing to London to try and give myself a bit of purpose. In actual fact I near enough gave myself a mental breakdown and ended up back *with my tail between my legs* to where I should have been in the first place. Edinburgh.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. The number of places I’ve been on this planet and I STILL can’t see past Edinburgh. I just absolutely love it. The architecture, the fact you can walk everywhere in 30 mins or less, I even love the smell of the Hopps from the Breweries that everyone else seems to hate.

It feels more like a big town than a city, probably why Glasgow or London just never really appealed. They’re too big…there might be more to do in a bigger city but in my opinion that just means more things to be overwhelmed by. Edinburgh is the perfect mix for me. Looking back to when I was 16, standing on the royal mile when I came through for my open day at University, to walking along the canal beside my own flat now at age 24, I still get the same feeling in my stomach. It feels like home.

And I guess, well, I guess it now officially is since I NOW OWN A FLAT HERE. *EXCITED FACE*. In September this year I was handed the keys to my first ever home and that’s where I’ve been since. Sleeping on the floor on a mattress (huge step up from the blow-up single bed I slept on the first week let me tell you!) with my wee dug Archie – blog post on him coming don’t you worry…I could already write a book on this boy.

All in all, 2020 has been a pretty big let down for most. It’s stalled and thwarted many plans and caused a lot of heartache and stress to almost everyone I know. For me, however, it’s given me the time I needed to slow down, reset and re-evaluate and I’m hoping that the foundations I’ve managed to lay down this year, will only make for an even better, and happier, 2021.

Stay Safe x

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