Here goes nothing…

Bye girl bye…

I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Glasgow airport right now waiting on my gate being called. Today has been an absolute roller coaster if I’m honest. One minute I was springing about unable to contain myself and the next I was wiping huge, golf ball-sized tears off my face. It’s not been an easy ride I’ll tell you that for free.

In all honesty, over the past couple of months if I said that the notion to call my insurance company and call the whole thing off had never crossed my mind, I would be lying. There’s nothing more daunting than knowing that you’re on a plane hurtling towards a destination you’re not quite sure you even want to be going to in the first place. And it’s not that I don’t want to go, of course I do. I wouldn’t have invested so much time, energy and more importantly money into it all if there wasn’t something inside of me saying this was the right path for me. And it’s not until you’re on the plane, like I am now, staring out the window at the sunrise at the edge of the earth with 0 sign of land or life you realise how RIGHT you were to get up and leave for that first leg of the journey.

Now I’m not going to get all profound and soppy about it all. But there is something special about wandering around yourself, being responsible for absolutely every single step you take and knowing its in your hands if you lose something or worse yet, are robbed through lack of attentiveness. It would be naive to assume that everything is going to be plain sailing as well. Of course things are going to go wrong. I’ll miss plenty buses and trains and its safe to assume that not every country in the world has the same standard of transport or timing as what we have back home in the UK (yeah right…*dig at Scot rail for NEVER being on time*). But these things happen and to be honest it’s all part of the adventure. I’ll just catch the next one.

My first flight GLA – CMB has a short stop over in Dubai, which is where I am now just waiting on my next flight to board. The first flight here was all right… a few minor glitches like having a window seat and having two large, snoring men spilling out next to me, resulting in a dig to the ribs when I physically couldn’t wait any longer. I used the aisle as a 100m sprint to the bathroom I’m not even gonna lie.

I’ve been asking my friends about content ideas and things to be uploading and writing about on here and tbh it’s exactly what I was planning on. As I said on my first post it wont be an exhaustive diary of absolutely every single move I make, but the highlights, the lowlights and even what not to do to help you fellow wanderers out there not make the same mistakes.

Posting my leaving post on Facebook made me realise how amazing my friends and family really are (if you’re reading this then yeah I’m talking about you!). The support I’ve received so far has been second to none, and honestly it has made the entire process that little bit easier. Sure its hard that I’m leaving but they love me enough to know its what I need to do, and although they feel like they can’t stop me from doing what I want anyway (soz mawza), the fact they’re rooting for me all the way has me all mushy inside…damn I said I wasn’t gonna get soppy…


This is a lengthy one because it is my first proper blog entry. They won’t all be this long but I have had a bit of time to kill and well, its a good way of setting the context for my upcoming adventure as well. The process so far hasn’t been easy, I can’t stress that enough. If you’re planning on it yourself you will have plenty sleepless nights trolling blog forums and getting caught up in the horror stories. But you learn to skim over them, shut your laptop and go to sleep. Those things may well happen to you but they shouldn’t influence your decision to leave and get out there and experience it for yourself.

ok right I’m done now here’s some jazzy photos of my day so far to lighten the mood. I’m also getting the fear at how pale my hands are in contrast to the bronzed goddesses stoating about Dubai airport. Get this blonde to the BEACH xx

2 thoughts on “Here goes nothing…”

  1. Hi Megan ,
    Well I wish a safe journey , and I hope u fulfill your dream . I hope we can chat again sometime. But for now u keep safe. Kenny your new old friend x


  2. Woo my photo from Brunch made it to the blog! I’d by lying if I said this didn’t bring a tear to my eye – TOLD YOU THIS IS WHY I’VE BEEN HOLDING OFF READING THESE!!


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